Flaming Frogs

Our Party, heading out from Petch with Vaylor, travelled towards Senvayl.

The journey was largely uneventful but the party took the time to learn a little more about Vaylor. He told them that his family has been in the head guard position for many years. They also learned that his Great-great-great grandfather fought alongside General Dawnsword against the Halvellian Empire.

As the party came close to Senvayl, they were jumped by some Bandits who tried to attack them. Missing completely with every swing they managed to get beaten quite badly, one of them losing his head. 
One was kept alive for questioning and left with Vaylor whilst the party followed the tracks of the Bandits, finding a small cave with a crudely drawn map of the area pointing north.

Within Senvayl itself, the party took their hostages to the Guard Barracks where they were taken away for questioning. Vaylor explained that he may be in this town for a while as he has a meeting with Griffith Hawkfeather, the head guard of Senvayl, and the party may spend this time in any way they wish. He passed on half of their reward payment, plus extra for the Bandits bounty, and the party head out.

Two of our party, Sira'eleous and Lelantos, head over to the Tailors to have their leather armour upgraded. The party then head over to the Decantor Potion shop at the request of Henk who wanted to find out some information about his mysterious egg-shell. 
In the Decantor they met a halfling by the name of Silas Perriwinkle, who was trying to determine a mysterious ailment affecting one of the villagers. He explains that he has tried many magical means and potions but cannot figure out the cause. 
Chrysophilax tries using his divine healing but nothing happens. 
Upon asking about the movements of the ill person they were told that he had last been to a pool in the wooded area to the east along the river. The party decided to head to the pool to investigate but not before buying some Mystery Potions from Silas. 
Henk, drinking one of the potions, felt no change as it turned out to be a Potion of Healing. Chrysophilax on the other hand, upon drinking a purple potion, felt that Henk was his one true love and that he must protect him at all costs!

Upon reaching the pool, the party start searching the area. No magical effects were found to be coming from the pool but, after throwing a stone into the water, Lelantos notices some small yellow orbs in the water. Meanwhile, Sira'elous, standing in the tree line, hears some rustling further ahead. Chrysophilax was called over to check out the noise, and as he came close a small Grung hopped from the tree line and began staring at the Party. Henk, with a gentle streak, decided to try and pet the frogman who was having none of it.

At this point a second Grung joined them on the bank. They initiated a conversation with this Grung they found to be called Glub. After a small conversation they find that the Grungs do not want Humans coming to their pool and fishing. The Party wants to find out if the fish in the pool are dangerous to humans but the Grungs don't want them to take any. 
After negotiating with Glub, they manage to get a fish in return for no making sure no more humans come to the pool. Sira'leous decides to try cooking the fish after finding it had no special properties. 

The party continued their talks, finding that the Elder Frog of the Grung village may know some magic. The party, to get Glub to bring the Elder to the surface, offers to teach the Grungs how to make fire so that they can cook fish. 
The Elder appears and explains that he gave one of the humans some "water berries" which the party were able to obtain to take back with them. 
Holding up their end of the bargain they taught the Grungs how to make their own fire!

Back in the Village, Silas managed to use the Berries found to create an antidote for the ailment. In return for their help he gave the party a scroll of Invisibility. 
The party decides they need to find some other things to keep them busy and so they check the notice board in town. The notice board has 3 notes on it:
"Looking for a good fight. For more information see Berhtio at the Shrew and Toad Inn"
"We have a bandit problem, looking for someone to help urgently. Please see the Alderman"
"Looking for a Negotiator. Fisherman's Store"

The party heads to the Alderman to find out about the Bandit problem and learn that there have been many attacks as of late and people have been kidnapped, one of which is the Alderman's Daughter. He asks that the party help them explaining, after seeing the map they found, that it shows the Border Forest to the north. 
Seeing as the journey would take over a day and the fact that they need to wait for Vaylor before they can do any of this, they decide to check out the other notices. 

Henk pushed the party to head over to the Shrew and Toad as he was itching for a fight. Within they met Berhtio Blockarm who looked delighted to see a big strong half-orc looking for a fight. Drawing up a circle in the centre of the Inn, the Dwarf and Half-orc brawled with Henk being the ultimate winner.
As a reward, Berhtio passed Henk the title of Champion Brawler of Senvayl which belonged to him when the Dwarves visited the town more often in the past. 
He also offered to put them up for free whenever they are in town in future. The party, being kind, decided to pay him a single gold coin each as a single payment.

Chrysophilax wished to visit the fishing store to see what this negotiation was about. The owner, Grant, having lost his leg and not being able to properly fish on the river anymore had a small fishing spot in the wooded area to the east along the river. He explained that he had be chased away by weird frog-like creatures and would like the party to negotiate with them to allow him to fish there again.
The party quickly tries to disuade him from going back there, as to keep their bargain with the Grungs, and succeed. Grant thanks them but does not have a reward for them. 

Heading back to the Town Square, Vaylor awaits them. He introduces them to Griffith Hawkfeather who will be traveling with them to Baltongate. They explain the situation with the Bandits and that it may take few days to complete this task. Vaylor tells them to take the time they need as the meeting can wait for them. He will wait in the village until they are done.


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