Henk Blackmayne

A Pirate Barbarian force of Nature!


Henk’s first memory is of dodging a kick. He always hung around the galleys of the Blackmayne Armada as a young boy, waiting for scraps. Sometimes, the various cooks would give him something of their own accord. Other times, he would take leftovers from abandoned plates. When desperate, he would steal into the galley’s kitchen and swipe whatever he could.

Often, this earned him a kick. A boot coming toward him is his earliest memory.

Henk grew up as something of a mascot on various ships in the Blackmayne Armada. Like a cat. He would try to stay out of harm, living in the dark spaces of the enormous ships or on the kindness of the crew. On pirate ships, there was relatively little of the latter.

As a Half-Orc, he grew quickly. By the age of five, he was tall enough to be a cabin boy. Whether on Robinson Blackmayne’s flagship, The Death on the Seas, or the lesser ships which would reave across the oceans of Ethildaan, he fetched and scurried, learning more of the nautical way his life had consisted of.

Still he grew, becoming like a teenager by ten. Then he was put amongst the crew, a bulking green outlier. The pirates were hard to him, following the lead of their captains, who treated him with either indifference or open hatred. Many a night, he slept in conditions worse than he had as a boy. But he took it somewhat calmly, as it was better than begging for food.

Unfortunately, at the age of fifteen – three years ago – his seasickness started. Some quirk in his combined biologies meant that just standing on a calm sea made him queasy. During a storm, it grew outright debilitating. He would vomit almost constantly, much to the amusement of his crewmates and anger/despair of whichever captain currently had him aboard.

This was the final straw for the Blackmaynes. Having a half-breed of some unknown scandal aboard – a family member none would claim – was bad enough, but for him to be less useful than he had been as a toddler was too much. A decision was made at a general council and Henk was given enough money to get himself passage on a passenger ship back to any mainland.

In spite of this all, Henk is an outspoken and confident young man. He knows he is stronger and more vicious than most any man. Before his seasickness kicked in, he spent many a day practising with his Greatsword, and became fiercely adept at it. Maturity and experience have only added to his character. He has seen more fighting and killed more men than most any other eighteen year old.

And Henk has a purpose. A reason for still going. To bring enough honour to the Blackmayne family that he might be avowed by his parent once again. That he might learn who his Orcish mother/father was. And, maybe, that he might find some cure to his seasickness and stand proudly aboard a Blackmayne vessel to challenge a captain and earn his place amongst his family.

Henk Blackmayne

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