Petch and Zombies

Barbarian go smash!

Suddenly, there was an ear-piercing screech from outside the Hogshead tavern. 
The party, jumped to their feet and rushed outside only to find the guards of the town fending of a group fo zombies!

Two Zombies managed to pass the guards and headed for the party. After dealing a nasty blow to the Henk, they were quickly dealt with. 
Short after, the party, looking to fight more zombies, heading to the Captian of the Guards, Vaylor Sworn, to find out where they were coming from.
Vaylor explained that he did not know what was casuing the zombies to attack but knew that they were coming from the north. 
After offering the party a sum of 52 Gold Pieces (Which Henk almost missed in his blind need to kill zombies) the party set off to the North where the Grave Plains were located.

Arriving at the Grave Plains, the party eagerly wandered forwards, looking for a "Great Evil" that Chrysophilax, the Bahamutian Paladin, believed to be awakening the dead. Despite the noise made as they travelled, the zombie encounters were minimal and as such, they quickly reached the Crypts in the center of the plains.

Investigating the Crypt buildings yielded the word DAWNSWORD carved across the top each construct. The party decided to investigate the Right Hand Crypt which led them down to a Skeleton infested room which the party made quick work of.
Further inside, the party found a mysterious red potion, sitting upon a stone plynth against the back wall. Our Paladin, deftly dodging a floor trap, managed to take the potion which Sira'eleous noticed to be some kind of healing draught. 

Entering the second crypt, to the left, lead the adventurers into another dark and sarcophogus filled room. Once again, the party quickly dispatched of the Skeletons that lay within. Lelantos, the Hardy Ranger, managed to Disarm more than one of these beasts with his trusty arrows. 
Chrysophilax, sensing an evil presence below, lead the party forwards to find the source of the attacks. Upon entering the room, they were greeted with a Screeching-whisper in their heads "WHY DO YOU ENTER HERE ONE OF LIGHT?" to which he responded, along the lines of, "To re-dead you". 
Henk, ever eager to fight, stepped forward to confront the invisible foe, when suddenly a dark force burst from the coffin in the centre of the room bringing the zombie form of Dawnsword himself to confront them raising some skeletons to help him in his attack.

Before they had a chance to react, Dawnsword crashed into Henk trying to take him out but Henk resisted his efforts. Sira'eleous managed to keep the skeletons away for long enough for some damage to be dealt by the party. Dawnsword in his rage, slammed into Chrysophilax knocking him unconscious.
With quick thinking, Henk ,realised the taking out Dawnsword would also stop the skeletons and pushed the assault. Swinging his great sword forwards he took the head of the zombie clean off. The body, falling to the floor and crumbling to dust.
An evil darkness, spewed from the corpse, screeching as it went, disappearing through the ceiling. With the power removed, the undead died again and became still.

Henk let out a roar of triumph, whilst Sira'eleous rushed over to stablise the unconcious and bleeding Chrysophilax. 

Returning to town, the party met with Vaylor and received their reward. Seeing how well they work together he offered a new job to the party: escorting him to Batlongate for a meeting with the Swiftswords. 
The part agreed after negitiating the reward money to 220GP, 5 rounds each at the bar and free lodgings over night. 

At first light, the party will head off to the west, towards the Sen Vay Hills and ultimately, Baltongate…


Proxima_Prima Proxima_Prima

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